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The Wheel Of Life – Samsara Thangka

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  • Materials: Stone
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Dimensions: 100x200cm
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This incredibly detailed hand-painted Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka is now available for order with Mandala Handicrafts. So, what does this Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka display? Samsara stands for all sentient beings that are conditioned by; suffering, ignorance and the flow of time. Often found on the walls of Buddhist monasteries, the Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka displays parts of the very essence of Buddhist philosophy. It shows us the circle of re-incarnation, and the different aspects of how we see reality. The Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka also shows us the importance of our actions in life and the consequences, this is more commonly known as “Karma”. Did you know that in Vedic literature, a notion of re-incarnation is found as Bhavachakra? This word in Sanskrit is also a synonym of the word ‘Samsara’. ‘Bhava’ meaning origin or life, and chakra meaning wheel or circle, put together in interpretation, you’ll get Wheel of Life. It is believed that we do not exist in one stable place within Samsara, but depending on our karma, we pass between different beings and existences. Practice meditation to rid yourself of any negative emotions and feelings with this amazing Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka. Mandala Handicrafts is ready to take your order today.



What use does the Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka have?

The use of the Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka is to meditate and get rid of negativity. Also used as a map of Samsara displaying all the realms and states of re-incarnation, you’ll find it painted on the walls of every Nepalese-Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

Are there other thangkas that I can combine with the Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka?

While the Wheel of Life – Samsara thangka doesn’t belong to a set of thangkas, it is a must have and can be combined with any other thangka related to Buddhist philosophy. Have a look at our Mandala handicrafts selection, or ask one of our experts for combination ideas.

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