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Souvenirs in Nepal

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Souvenirs in Nepal

With every country that you’ll visit, it’s always nice to bring a souvenir or memento back home at the end of your holiday! Every year adventurists and culturists visit Nepal for a vacation and look to bring something back home to remind them of this beautiful country and their experience. Souvenirs in Nepal are mostly bought at the end of one’s holiday but also ordered from abroad. Mandala Handicraft is one of the best souvenir and handicraft shops in Nepal and has a wide variety of souvenirs to choose form or even order from and deliver abroad. 

Where is the best place to find and buy souvenirs in Nepal?

Depending on your holiday in Nepal you’ll be able to visit various places such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, or even Lumbini the birthplace of Buddha. All these wonderful places have their own shopping streets and souvenir shops. The main difference lays in the rates. While you can find many souvenirs in Nepal, most of them are and come even from Kathmandu, so it is best to buy your souvenirs from there at the end of your holiday. Thamel is the most famous place for souvenir shopping in Nepal. Filled with unique shops and boutiques, in the center of Thamel you can find the Mandala Handicraft shop in the Amrit Marg Street. This unique handicraft and boutique shop in Nepal has some of the best souvenirs you can buy in Nepal! The shop is filled with authentic Nepali and Tibetan artworks such as; hand-painted thangkas, traditional singing bowls, unique metal statues, spiritual mala beads, detailed incense burners, organic tea, sharp and original Kukri knifes and handmade woodworks, incense and Pashmina shawls as well as yak wool. Find the best souvenirs in Nepal at Mandala Handicraft shop in Thamel, Kathmandu!

The 11 best souvenirs in Nepal that you should get:

While Nepal is a country mostly devoted to Buddhism and Hinduism, the country has some unique cultural styles that can only be found here. Furthermore, Nepal especially Kathmandu is strongly influenced by the culture of the indigenous Newari people. Their artwork and architecture holds some unique features and style! If you are looking for one of the best souvenirs in Nepal, but are unsure on which to get. We prepared a short list with the top 11 best souvenirs available in Nepal, with a short description of their meaning and cultural value.

Thangka paintings (available here at Mandala handicraft) 

Thangka paintings originate since ancient times, and where originally used as Buddhist teaching scrolls. These detailed hand painted parchments are commonly made of cotton and painted with natural and organic colors. Now been made more popular due to western influences, thangkas can be found in all types of sizes and styles. However only in Nepal will you be able to find original and traditional Buddhist and Newari thangkas. Make your selection from our wide variety of thangkas at the Mandala Handicraft shop or via our website. Do you want an original thangka but can’t come to Nepal? No worries, Mandala Handicraft has the option to order and deliver abroad via our easy to use website. 

Singing bowls (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Singing bowls are not that uncommon anymore, and almost everyone that has practiced meditation or yoga has heard of them. Those metal bowls that produce a pitched tone while stroking the rim of the bowl. Singing bowls are believed to have a healing effect on the body, spirit and mind and come in different sizes. You got singing bowls that fit in the palm of your hand and singing bowls so huge you’ll need a vehicle to transport them. At Mandala Handicraft you can find a wide variety of different types of singing bowls. All hand casted and made in the traditional way, these singing bowls are also available for abroad delivery. Check out the Mandala Handicraft shop or via the website and make get your singing bowl today!

Mala beads necklace (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Doubtfully you have seen Buddhist monks wearing or holding those necklaces with round beads used during meditation or prayer. These are called Mala beads, and according to belief they hold their own spiritual energy helping those who carry them find inner peace. It is said that picking out your own Mala beads necklace is special to each individual. There different sizes of Mala beads necklaces, the traditional one has one hundred and eight beads plus one main guru bead. Others are smaller with 54 or 27 beads. Mandala Handicraft has a wide variety of traditional and original Mala beads necklaces available in the shop or for order at our easy to use website. Have a look and make your selection today to get your very own Mala bead necklace!

Handmade incense & incense burners (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Incense has long been used in rituals, medication, and aroma therapy. Handmade incense is of the best quality and made with natural products according to ancient traditions. Nepalese and Tibetan incense has been said to help ease the mind and calm the spirit. Therefore, also the ideal souvenir to buy in Nepal! With many variants of smells and effects Tibetan and Nepalese incense sticks are available at Mandala Handicraft’s shop and for bulk order. With incense comes of course incense holders also known as incense burners. In Nepal and at Mandala Handicraft you can get authentic and traditionally made Tibetan incense burners. Carefully crafted with elaborate and detailed designs these incense burners make for the perfect souvenir together with some incense sticks! Check out all incense and incense burners at Mandala Handicraft or order for abroad delivery via our easy to use website!

Cultural metal statues (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Known as one of Nepal’s oldest cultural tradition is the art of metal statue making! Metal statues in Nepal are then also very detailed and hand casted in either brass, bronze or copper. With a different variety of styles to set each statue apart, Nepalese metal statues can make for the perfect souvenir to bring back home and remember your time back in Nepal! Choose between Tibetan Buddhist metal statues or traditional Nepali and Newari metal statues. Mandala handicraft offers a wide variety of cultural metal statues that you can only find in Nepal. Each statue is authentic and hand crafted with care and passion. Have a look at our shop in Amrit Marg Street, Thamel, Kathmandu or order from abroad your own unique metal statue from Nepal by using our website. 

Kukri knives (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Kukri knives or Khukuri knives are known as the traditional melee weapons of the legendary Gurkha soldiers of Nepal. This mini-machetes are unique in shape and still used by the military and in households for ritual butchering of goats and buffalos. Kukri knives can have different blade lengths and different designs on the metal blade as well as on the handle. Known as a cool souvenir from Nepal Kukri knives have become a popular decorative peace for westerns visiting Nepal. Mandala Handicraft has a wide selection of hand forged and unique Kukri knives to choose from, visit our shop or have a look at our easy to use website to order your very own Kukri knife from Nepal!

Handcrafted woodworks (available here at Mandala handicraft)

If you have visited Nepal, or planning to you’ll undoubtedly notice the amazing handcrafted woodworks in Kathmandu. Wood became a valuable and luxury resource in the Kathmandu Valley and is used by the Newari people for traditional crafting. From windows to doors and from sculptures to small decorative pieces, each woodcarving is unique in Nepal! As a unique novelty item a handmade woodwork from Nepal makes than also for the ideal souvenir. Mandala Handicraft offers then also a wide variety from detailed carved window frames to cultural wooden masks and many more to choose from. You can even order and ship to abroad from our easy to use website to have your own unique Nepali handcrafted woodwork back at home! 

Authentic pashmina (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Pashmina, a known luxury product of the Himalayas is also handmade and available in Nepal. With different varieties of “impure” pashmina shawls and hats on the market you want be sure to get an original 100% pashmina one! You can find cheaper shawls on the markets in Nepal, but those are of impure quality and don’t last long. If you want a handwoven and 100% pashmina shawl or hat from Nepal than have a look at Mandala Handicraft in Thamel, Kathmandu. Offering a wide selection of different colors and sizes, here you can find authentic pashmina souvenirs to bring back home. If you want a 100% pure pashmina shawl or hat you can even order from home by using our website and let your pashmina shawl or hat be delivered!

Organic tea (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Nepal is all about tea! At every hour of the day there is time for a hot cup of tea. Nepal’s Ilam province is then also famed for the producing of organic tea. Making than also the perfect souvenir and easy to bring back home, organic Nepali and Tibetan tea boxes or packets are available in all kinds of tastes. At Mandala Handicraft you can find a wide variety of 100% organic Nepalese or Tibetan Himalayan tea. Not only used for their delicious taste, various teas have said to have different effects on the body, such as decreasing anxiety and helping with insomnia. Make your selection of organic tea at Mandala Handicraft’s shop in Thamel, Kathmandu, or order in bulk from abroad by using our website.

Yak wool (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Yaks, are one of the most important animals in the Himalayas. Used as pack animals to transfer goods, their milk and meat provides valuable substance to people living in the Himalayas and of course their wool provides high required warmth. 100% yak wool clothes, are considered a luxury item and even among Sherpas only worn on important occasions. You can find yak wool sweaters, coats, hats and gloves only in Nepal. This makes yak wool also a unique souvenir to bring back home! At Mandala Handicraft you can find all types of yak wool made fabrics and clothing, not only that but you can even order from the comfort of home your own yak wool item from Nepal by using Mandala Handicraft’s website!

Tibetan and Nepalese handwoven carpets (available here at Mandala handicraft)

Carefully handwoven and each with their own unique pattern, Tibetan and Nepalese carpets or rugs are an amazing souvenir to bring back home. Used in households and as decorative pieces, since ancient times Nepalese and Tibetan people have practiced the craft of carped making. The process is entirely done by hand and finished products can take half a year to one year to finish depending on the size. In Nepal you can get a Tibetan or Nepalese handwoven carpet to bring back home as souvenir or even gift. They come in all type of sizes at Mandala Handicrafts with different colors and designs. For bigger carpets you can even order and deliver back home by using our easy to use website!

Other mentions:

There are of course many more souvenirs you could get from Nepal to bring back home such as the popular and colorful prayer flags, or prayer wheel, Nepalese rice paper although fragile is also a very nice souvenir and Nepalese jewelry.

How much do souvenirs cost in Nepal?

With many items to choose from, how much do souvenirs then cost in Nepal? To get an exact idea we recommend visiting our website and look at the souvenir that you want, at Mandala Handicrafts we have a wide selection between sizes and prices so there should be a souvenir from Nepal suitable to your budget. Souvenirs in Nepal can cost from 25$ to 500$ USD and even more for bigger and luxurious items. Depending on what you want and in what size you want to cost can differ greatly, its best to visit the Mandala Handicraft shop at Amrit Marg Street, Thamel, Kathmandu or visit the website. 

What is the easiest souvenir to buy from Nepal?

With the option to deliver abroad you can get any type of souvenir from Nepal. Mandala Handicrafts provides an easy to use order system via the website, so you could say that any item is the easiest souvenir to buy from Nepal. However if you are in Nepal and are looking for an easy to buy souvenir in terms of having to bring it back in your luggage, than Thangkas are the most easiest and popular souvenir. These scrolls don’t add much in terms of weight and don’t take much space up in your bag. They also make for the perfect gift and due to being easy to transport you can get multiple to bring back home! Mandala Handicraft has a great selection of authentic and hand-painted thangkas to choose from and even complete sets!

You’ll only find the best souvenirs in Nepal, at Mandala Handicraft shop located in Thamel, Kathmandu. Visit us during your stay in Nepal or order via our website your perfect souvenir to remember your journey in Nepal, or as a gift. Choose between the many options of souvenirs in Nepal, and get only 100% authentic and handmade items at Mandala Handicraft!

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