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Singing bowls and their effects during meditation

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Singing bowls and their effects during meditation

The use of singing bowls and their effects during meditation or yoga, can be different to each individual. While it is believed that sound baths, or singing bowls provide the practitioner with a feeling of relaxation. Many meditation and yoga practitioners claim that one of the effects of using a singing bowl can reduce anxiety as well as strengthen your inner core! Both singing bowls and meditation focus on finding your inner peace. Hence, it’s not uncommon to combine both to increase the effects. Mandala Handicraft has a wide selection of traditional singing bowls in all types of sizes and shapes ready for order. If you want to learn more about singing bowls and their effects during meditation then continue here.

A brief history into the use of singing bowls:

Everybody knows how to use a traditional singing bowl right? You use a mallet and run it smoothly over the singing bowl’s edge and get a high pitched sound. Well, did you know that this way of using a singing bowl actually originated from Western practices? 

Singing bowls are an evolved form of the standing bell or gong. Brought over from the ancient Chinese and Mongolian culture, Buddhist Tibet used these standing bells as gongs to mark the end of a meditation session or time. The bowl wood be struck with a felted or wooden mallet and produce a long lasting sound that could be heard across the entire monastery. One might say that the first singing bowls had the effect during meditation to end a session. The more common known use of singing bowls by gliding the mallet across the edge instead of striking the bowl, is relatively new. It is believed that the rise of singing bowls began during the 1970s. Nepal and Tibet in particular had a big part to play, as gateways to Buddhism, these two countries helped spreading to culture and uses of singing bowls during meditation and yoga into the Western world. 

Now, you can find all types of singing bowls. With a wide variety of different tones, frequencies and material. The options can be overwhelming for the unexperienced. Mandala Handicraft suggests if it’s your first time trying out a singing bowl, by trying all small types until you find the one that best matches with you. There are as mentioned above different type of singing bowls. You have crystal singing bowls which are a more modern version, and traditional metal alloy singing bowls. These are also known as Himalayan singing bowls, or Tibetan singing bowls. It are these metal alloy singing bowls that bring the best effects during meditation and provide the user with a calm and harmonious feeling.

How are singing bowls made?

While historians claim that singing bowls where traditionally made by using seven metals such as gold and silver. Now with the commercialization of singing bowls in the western world, they are also mass produced using copper and tin alloys. These are called bronze singing bowls. Despite that, handmade singing bowls with use of the traditional techniques and metals can still be found or purchased. Mandala Handicraft has a wide range of traditional and bronze singing bowls for you to choose from. So where did these bronze and metal singing bowls come from? Which people where to first to craft and use these? As of today there is no physical proof but historians theorize that either Nepal or Tibet where the first to create these healing singing bowls. The people of the Himalayas have since ancient times made and used singing bowls during religious ceremonies. 

Singing bowls and their healing effects during meditation:

Now world renowned, singing bowls are proven to offer a healing effect during meditation and even sound therapy! So how does it work? First you need to understand that since ancient time sound has had an effect on the human body. Imagine war drums during ancient battles. Using sound you either boost the morale of your own troops, or instill fear in the enemy. Similar during peace treaties, or in temples the use of particular sounds create a serene and harmonious effect on the body. During meditation it’s not that different. By using the pitched tones of a singing bowl your mind becomes more tranquil and your body can reach a state of relaxation.

So how is this healing you might wonder? Well, to be in a peaceful state of mind and relaxing all of your muscles, your body starts to work on healing itself. To go more into the Asian medicinal philosophy and the use of singing bowls and their effects during meditation. It is believed that our body has 7 chakra points. If one of these points is blocked, than it means you are suffering from an ailment, illness or negative mind. By using a singing bowl a high toned frequency is produced that vibrates through the body and can unblock one’s chakra points. Since the 1977s when Don Campbell published he’s book “the Mozart Effect” the western world began the science into sound and vibrations. This led to the discovery that our brains resonate on a special frequency during a specific state such as sleep, relaxation, or movement. For meditation scientists discovered that brain resonates on a 4-8 Hertz Theta pattern. The same frequency as that of a singing bowl! 

With this said, it’s hard to doubt the healing effects of singing bowls during meditation. The trick however is to find the right singing bowl for you. Singing bowls can offer each individual their own healing effect during meditation. You’ll need to find out for yourself what effect or effects a singing bowl can have one you. Furthermore, you’ll need to find the right singing bowls as there different sizes that lead to different frequencies and tones. There are a few effects that singing bowls 


People suffering from anxiety and nervousness find that using a singing bowl during meditation lets them block off triggers. The high pitch sound lets them block off any other negative sounds that lead to anxiety, such as outside traffic noises, or even pressure thoughts. If you are suffering from frequent anxiety or nervousness, than try out meditation with the use of a singing bowl, and see yourself become calm and peaceful.


Negative thoughts which seed doubt and depression always lead into a vicious circle. Though to break out of, people have freed themselves of negativity by using sound therapy. The use of a singing bowl during meditation lets your brain and mind reach a positive state of thinking. If you are suffering from a negative state of mind or a depression, we highly recommend you to start out meditating with the use of any of our Mandala Handicraft’s authentic singing bowls!


While not proven for serious ailments, singing bowls and their use during meditation has showed to relieve some of minor ailments such as a migraine attacks, or even a bad stomach. The smooth vibration that comes of the singing bowl by rubbing the outer rim with a mallet has a sort of calming and healing effect that can lead to a positive feeling and mind. Are you always suffering from the same migraine or headache? Than we suggest you, to try out one of our handmade Tibetan or Nepalese singing bowls during meditation, and see your ailment disappear by the end of the sound!


Singing bowls are often used during meditation in order to become more focused and to see more clearly. For those who are distracted, in need to make an important decision using a singing bowl during meditation can have a positive effect! It’s quite common in western cooperation to have a meditation room where business executives retreat to become less distracted. Are you looking for a way to increase your productivity or to become more focused and concentrated? Than try out one of Mandala Handicrafts singing bowls, made in the traditional way!

Other effects of using singing bowls during meditation:

As we can confirm now that using singing bowls during meditation session has a lot of benefits! There are other effects of using singing bowls during meditation than can help you either physically, mentally or spiritually. It all depends on which singing bowl you use or if you play multiple singing bowls to create a stronger vibrating sound.

Physical effects of using singing bowl sound vibrations:

Your body resonates with certain frequencies and vibrations. To use a singing bowl during meditation can have multiple different positive effects on the physical body. It stimulates muscle regeneration and deep relaxation. Furthermore, singing bowls can relief joint or muscle pain, relief headaches or migraines, helps the digestive system, and can improve your blood circulation. Using singing bowls during meditation is also believed to improve the immune system and detoxing the body.

Mental or emotional effects of using singing bowl sound vibrations:

Besides physical effects, using a singing bowl during meditation can also bring a couple of positive mental or emotional effects. Emotional blockages are released and mental or emotional tensions are relieved by listening and concentrating on the high pitched sounds of the singing bowl. It is believed that listing to a singing bowl during meditation can also increase your self-confidence and is one of the best ways to start your day at top condition with a positive mindset!

Spiritual effects of using singing bowl sound vibrations:

Coming from Buddhist practices, singing bowls offer naturally a spiritual effect as well. If you are a believer of chakra points, and life balance than the spiritual effects of using singing bowl sound vibrations is something you should experience! The sound vibrations are said to help your chakra point open and let positive energy flow in a gentle current through the seven points. This lets your body experience a state of harmony and your meditation session will be a success!

How to use singing bowls during meditation?

So how to use singing bowls during meditation? It is entirely up to you how you want to use the singing bowl. But to make it easy Mandala Handicraft has a step plan for you to see how to properly use a singing bowl during any type of meditation. 

Step 1 location:

Find yourself a quiet or secure space. Somewhere you feel comfortable or safe. This can be outside surrounded by nature or inside. Make sure to block out all disturbances such as your phone. You can use either silent or airplane mode. Decide upon a session time for your meditation. 

Step 2 position:

You can sit however you want, but make sure that you are comfortable. Experienced meditation practitioners will tell you that the lotus position is the best position. And while this might be true to open up the flow between chakra points, the most important is to take a position of comfort. Place the singing bowl in the palm of your hand and hold the mallet in the other. Finally prepare yourself mentally and focus on the desired effect you want the singing bowl to have.

Step 3 make the bowl sing:

Start by taking three slow and deep breaths. Inhale positive air through the nose and exhale negative air through the mouth. Once you have paced your breathing and have a clear mind start by chiming the rim of the bowl with your mallet. It might take a few turns before the sound stays. Finally finish by tapping the edge with mallet to release the sound from the bowl and cleanse the room. 

It is not required to tap the rim at the end but one could also keep on chiming the edge for a more continued sound. The best way to find out what the best effect has on your mind and body is to try it out! Following these simple 3 steps to use a singing bowl during meditation should help you out with starting to get the hang of it. After a session you should scan your body, mind and soul with your inner eye and look for positive differences. Do you feel more relieved? Do you have a clearer mind? Do you feel at peace with yourself? If you follow these simple steps you should be able to feel one of these effects!

Having explained about singing bowls and their history, creation, effects and uses during. Mandala Handicraft hopes that you have now a better understanding in singing bowls and their effects during meditation. Providing physical, mental and spiritual benefits, singing bowls are used to improve your state of well-being. Play the sound during your meditation session and feel its effects first hand. To order any type of singing bowl with Mandala Handicraft we request you to have a look at our singing bowls section.

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